PhD in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
University of Cambridge (UK)
PhD Thesis: “Individual variation and the role of L1 in the L2 development of English grammatical morphemes: Insights from learner corpora
Supervised by Dora Alexopoulou

MA in Linguistics (TESOL/TEFL)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Japan)
MA Thesis: “A corpus-based analysis of English textbooks in Japan and Asian countries: Multidimensional approach”
A paper based on the thesis is available here.
Supervised by Yukio Tono

BA in Foreign Studies (Linguistics Minor)
Sophia University (Japan)
BA Thesis: “Purposes of English education in Japan, their relationships and the implications on future education"
Supervised by Shinichi Izumi

Prospect High School, Illinois, USA

Local public primary school and junior high school in Osaka-sayama, Osaka, Japan


Awards, Scholarships, and Other Qualifications

  • The Albert Valdman award for outstanding publication in Studies in Second Language Acquisition for the paper “L1 influence on the acquisition order of English grammatical morphemes: A learner corpus study”.
  • A scholarship by the Japan Student Services Organization that covers the tuition fee and living expenses for my PhD study for three years (January 2010 – November 2012)
  • Hughes Hall Travel Grant (£250.00; July 2011, October 2011, and September 2012)
  • The representative graduate at the graduation ceremony of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for achieving high academic performance among those who obtained masters’ degrees in 2009
  • One of the two debaters in the Japanese national debate team of Japan-US Exchange Debate in 2008, organized by the National Communication Association (US) and Japan Debate Association [our report (in Japanese)]

Reviewing Experience

  • Manuscripts for journals and books
    • Corpora
    • International Journal of Applied Linguistics
    • International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
    • International Journal of Learner Corpus Research
    • Language Learning
    • Studies in Second Language Acquisition
    • A chapter in Ortega, L., Tyler, A., & Uno, M. (2016). The usage-based study of language learning and multilingualism. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press
  • Conferences
    • AAAL 2018
    • AACL 2018
    • BAAL 2016, 2017
    • EUROSLA 2014, 2016-2018
    • Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Code-Switching
    • TaLC 2018


  • Native speaker of Japanese
  • Advanced user of English
  • R
  • Perl
  • Basic competence in Python
  • Basic competence in C++
(last updated: 2 November, 2018)